Meet Dr. Milton Mattox

Dr. Milton Mattox is an executive, technologist, and author who has worked with some of the world’s most acclaimed companies. He is an authority in helping companies overcome everyday business and technology challenges to achieve the success that they seek. He also believes that individuals can have a healthier, wealthier, more fulfilling existence by approaching life under this simple formulaic mantra: Passion + Purpose + Prayer = Prosperity. In this case, “Prosperity” is defined as that which helps individuals become all that they desire to be in life.

The 5 Phases of Workplace Apathy

Jobs and performance are often directly linked to appreciation, a sense of importance, and the excitement in a job well done. Workplace apathy can stall careers––learn everything you need to know right here!

31 Powerful, Original Quotes for Leaders: Daily Affirmations to Hone Your Leadership Skills

Author, executive, and technologist Dr. Milton Mattox compiles his years of experience, original quotes, and most powerful mantras into one life-changing book.

It's Your Decision: 7 Key Decisions To Leading A More Rewarding Life

Is your sense of wellbeing easily shattered by negative circumstances? Do you struggle to find joy in your everyday life? Have you ever said, “I can’t be happy?”

RAIDers of a Lost Art: Reinventing the Art of Business Process Excellence

During the dot-com boom of the 1990s, the art of process improvement was lost. The RAID methodology is an attempt to help organizations…

Book Reviews

Here are some of the reviews from the readers of the book:

Dr. Mattox pulls no punches with his new book, RAIDers of a Lost Art. I found it to be a compelling and hard-hitting treatise on the need for highly-effective process structures in businesses today. The author's edgy analogy in the first chapter immediately grabs the reader's attention. While learning the technical language of processes further in the book, I became far more convinced of the urgent need for organizations to rediscover the "lost art" of process structure and creating repeatable and measurable processes. This book is chock full of constructive criticism, structure ideas, and analyses of what's wrong, what works and what should work in organizations. As a consumer, a small business owner and a parent, I considered "RAIDers" to be informative, challenging and inspiring. There is a place for quality and service into day's business world - and it begins with excellent books like this one.
A. J. Velaquez
This book (It's Your Decision) is inspiring. In light of today’s unusual and difficult times, it is my opinion that this book is required reading. It reminds you that no one have to be victims, but rather that it is in each of us to overcome all life events, and improve everyone’s quality of life in the process!
Something as simple as remembering to smile more often than not can have a powerful impact on those around us. Given the pressures we all face today, this book (It's Your Decision) is a timely reminder that there are things still under our control! Give grace, be joy!
Jack H
For this book (RAIDers of a Lost Art) to have so little pages, it gives you a lot of information! this a good book for professionals and show you business in the right way. great book to read

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